Starbucks Product Review


Have you had the pleasure of tasting Starbucks new less fattening frappachino? It is a blended coffee drink with quite a reputation for helping you keep the weight off and the extra pounds that Starbucks groupies are complaining about who drink the regular version. Have you tried this new well publicized drink to help you from becoming so fat? The average frappachino drinker appears to be about 20 to 30 pounds over weight by my observations of those in the long lines. Shouldn't you try the newer less fattening drink with the same kick of caffeine but less sugar and chemicals? Well we did. Now we can honestly say, it sucks. It is horrible, watery and a few of the people we talked to said it made them puke. Others simply politely said, "I didn't really like it" along with a sour face of disgust.

In business it is important to come out with new items to meet the customer demand and changing tastes. After the Atkins craze and now with the new South Beach Diet crowd the less fat making frappachino was sure to be a hit. Or so the marketing executives at Starbucks thought. Turned out customers hated it. Oh sure there are a few who drink it and punish themselves by drinking it. But there are also people who are into self - mutilation of the gentiles too. I guess it takes all types. The drink was so disgusting we had to end the test as no one else would sample them after the first few test tasters.

Please do not fall victim to this less fattening frappachino scandal, it is a scam. If you like frappachinos you'll have to keep with the ones which are making you fat, not the new watered down version. Unless you own the stock, as I am sure the less watered down version has less cost to it and this could help you stock portfolio. Think of it as an investment in self and drink it if you dare. Farewell for now until our next taste test.


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